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INR 10,000 : 12 WEEKS

The fitness industry can be a confusing place. Your dietitian tells you one thing, your trainer another and your family or friends have their own opinions on how you should eat and train. Not to mention the countless contradictory articles online and quick-fixes companies want to sell you. 

The truth is, you're only going to achieve your goals if you find a sustainable way of eating and training to match your lifestyle. As part of our coaching, we want to set you up for success and that means helping you create healthy eating habits to lose weight and most importantly, keep it off for good! 

We've been there ourselves - obese, extremely overweight, tired and stressed. We know what it's like to try different diets and listen to countless people's advice only to feel like nothing works. But, we got educated and overcame our struggles, cracking the code to a leaner, healthier body...forever. 

If you're ready to lose fat, we've got you covered with our one-on-one coaching where we'll personally guide you to a fitter, healthier, leaner self. It's time you level up! 

*Limited spaces available. We select applicants on a first come, first serve basis and based on whether or not we believe we're the right coaches for you. If you do not hear back from us after the first 20 days of submitting your application, please assume that your application was not selected.