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About Us

Alpha and Sheena started their fitness journeys in early 2016 as most people do - with a New Year's resolution, a discounted gym membership and a long grocery bill. What started out as a need to get within a healthy body fat range and fit into regular size clothing, quickly turned into a passion to push boundaries and go above & beyond. 


Alpha (now 37), was once what you would label a "skinny kid." As a young boy, he became greatly inspired by bodybuilding legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger and took to the gym like a fish to water. He would spend hours, 6 days a week, doing drop sets & supersets till he became significantly bigger than he was, reaching his fittest at age 22. 

Throughout his 20s, Alpha maintained a lean, muscular, above average physique. He spent hours every week reading research papers on nutrition & training, all the while keeping abreast with the latest scientific information on these topics. His training routines and diet constantly evolved with the newest studies and through his own experience along with scientific evidence, he gained vast knowledge on fat loss, hypertrophy, healthy eating and programming. 

Alpha met Sheena in 2012 and after they tied the knot in 2013, he strayed away from fitness and towards an unhealthy lifestyle of binge eating and drinking. His passion for research kept him updated with the latest news in the fitness industry but his newfound love of the "netflix & binge" lifestyle never allowed him to turn knowledge into practice. 

He gained 20+ kgs in 3 years and went from ripped to obese, finally putting his foot down at 86 kgs and 33% body fat. 

Sheena (now 34), was mostly lean from ages 3 to 25. More of an artist than an athlete, she was never active as a child or teenager and turned her nose up at all physical activity, getting parents' notes to skip Phys. Ed. in school and faking headaches to sit out while other kids played sports. She never had the need to weigh herself and always managed to fit into small size clothing without having to think twice. 

Her lucky streak continued till she joined college and discovered a host of bad habits that involved binge drinking, smoking and snacking on junk food. As a design school student with a part time internship, Sheena never took the time to think about meals, always relying on a bag of chips, pizza and beer to fill her up.  

In 2012, Sheena went to Manhattan to work for a semester and while she lived on a diet of coke, pasta, pizza and beer, she actually came back 11 lbs (5 kgs) lighter than when she left. Walking an average of 8-10 kms a day while in NYC, this was the most exercise she had done in her life. 

After getting hitched in 2013, Sheena's lazy lifestyle and their newfound freedom engulfed both Alpha and her. Gaining close to 15 kgs from 2013-16, she started her weight loss journey at 65+ kgs and 35% body fat. 


After making and breaking New Year's resolutions for 3 consecutive years, Alpha & Sheena knew what had to be done now that they were medically obese. Fat loss was not an option, but a necessity. 

From January'16 to February'17, the couple made fitness and healthy eating their lifestyle, dedicating time to watching videos, reading books, studying research papers and constantly learning about how to change their bodies...not for the moment, but forever. 

They understood the real truths behind some of the widely accepted fat loss myths, they learnt to train for their goals, they understood how they liked to eat and how to make it part of their lives, so that it never became boring or tiresome. 

In this year, Alpha lost 48.5 lbs (22 kgs), dropping down to 64 kgs & 15% body fat, while Sheena lost 40 lbs (18 kgs) putting her at 46 kgs and 24% body fat. 

Their transformations not only changed them physically, but made them mentally happier as well. This inspired them to share their knowledge with the world and truly help those who are constantly confused by the countless fact, myths and opinions the fitness industry puts out on a daily basis. 

Today, both their fitness goals go above and beyond.

Alpha is a certified Sports Nutritionist and certified Personal Trainer from ISSA. Sheena is certified in Exercise Nutrition from Precision Nutrition as well as a certified Behaviour Change Specialist from NASM. 

BUILT BY GOALS is truly a representation of what Alpha and Sheena stand for. Their bodies, mindsets and lifestyles are built around their individual goals. Without goals, one can never measure progress or uncover their true potential. Their mission is to teach people how to build their bodies and be the best versions of themselves through good nutrition, exercise and an improved lifestyle.